Saturday, September 13, 2014

Project #15

The eight different search engines project

1. WolframAlpha
I found WolframAlpha search engine to be very useful for a student. It had all different searches and results for math problems, science questions, and the everyday questions as well. In my opinion, it would be most useful for a student.

2. DuckDuckGo
DuckDuckGo search engine does not follow you! Smarter search, less clutter, more privacy is it's slogan. Does not collect perssonal data. It is most useful, I believe, for the computer users that do not want their location to be known.

3. Dogpile
The Dogpile search engine is quite similar to all the basic search engines. You can get your local news, worldwide news, and search for images. Dogpile has an app available on Apple and Android.

3. Bing
Bing is powered by Microsoft, for all the anti-Apple users. You can preform keyword searches in case you do not have all the information.

4. Ask
Why would you use Ask you say? Ask is a question answering search engine. Most useful for people with questions they want to ask. It has a malware software that cannnot be deleted once downloaded.

5. MyWebSearch
MyWebSearch is powered by Google. It has quick links to all your favorite websites. It is mostly used as a toolbar, and is free to download and free to use. And, you can set options to get personalized news, sports, and weather updates.

6. Yahoo Search
Yahoo Search provides its users with multiple ways to refine your searches. Also, has an advanced search option. Most useful, I would say, for the Yahoo web and email user.

7. AOL Search
AOL Search has a lot more categorized options for searching. Has a "more" option and it individualizes searches with a different search bar for each. Most useful for AOL email users.

8. Wow
Wow search engine is in the top 6 search engines, with 100,000,000 users. Wow offers an unlimited service for $17.95 a month. Personally, I do not see how this would be a want to anyone. Why pay for a search engine?

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