Saturday, September 13, 2014

C4T Post Summary

In Mrs. Luca's first post that I commented on, she covered the dress code regulations and how her students made it interesting to others in the first blog post that I commented on. She shared a video of her students singing a parody to Iggy's "Fancy". This video, I am quite sure, appealed to many of her students and made them aware of their school's dress code regulations. She also talked about her upcoming trip to Europe and how she was worried about a volcano errupting, which would cancel all travel to and from Europe.

In the second post I commented on of Mrs. Luca's, she was telling us the story of her dreadful trips to come after the day of exploring the different countries with no comfortable walking shoes. She was expressing her pain with the words in her post and describing, in detail, what was wrong. She was hopeful though that in the coming days she would find a great walking shoe and be able to enjoy the rest of her trip. She told us how, with her mistakes, left her walking shoes at home. She explained that she did try to find some good walking shoes that were compared to a popular shoe in the United States, but again was not a comfortable knock off brand.

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