Sunday, September 21, 2014

Blog Post #5 post #1 Summary of progress

I started my Personal Learning Network on Symbaloo. I like the "dashboard" feel. I have all my favorite website links right in front of me and just a click away. I also have the Google search engine bar, so I can "Google" any time I want. I am learning to add some customized things to my Symbaloo, such as my Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest accounts. As well as my gmail, email, and youtube accounts.


  1. You should be adding pictures to all blog posts by this time in the semester! Your blog post is good, but brief. Be sure to watch/read all resources, this will help give you more to write about. I'm glad you liked Symbaloo, I like it as well! It is a great resource to know about :)

  2. Meagan,
    Hi! I really enjoyed reading your post about Symbaloo. I have recently started using it as well, and I have found it a struggle to link my personal social media accounts to the site. I enjoy having everything right in front of me that I added, it makes it a lot easier to organize my things and keep me in line. I didn't think about adding the Google search bar, thanks for mentioning that!
    Have a great week,