Sunday, September 7, 2014

Blog Post #3

How Can You Provide Meaningful Feedback to Your Peers?

Compliment, Suggestion, and Correction are three very important steps in a peer review. Peer review is a writing feedback to your peers, who are students your own age. It is very important to keep a positive attitude in writing a peer review and in how you interpretate your feedback as well. Like in Writing a Peer Review Top 10 Mistakes video, you do not want to be a negative Nancy, picky Patty, or a whatever William, instead take the suggestions and corrections as a benefit to your learning. Being able to take criticism well is one major quality that yourself, as a student, should posses.

Peer Edit With Perfection Tutorial was a great slideshow presentation to describe, in detail, how to give a perfect peer review. It is very important when giving a peer review to stay positive. Do not put people down or use condescending words. Being negative in situations like these, would only cause the student to not care and even give up on writing and the learning process to better their writing. It is very important to word your peer reviews in ways that are constructive and positive. Keep in mind how you feel when someone reviews your work, and how you interpret in your mind how their words sound.


  1. Meagan, I completely agree with your statement on how negativity can cause the student to stop learning. I like your concentration on being positive, I wish you would have expanded a little bit on HOW to be positive. Maybe a few techniques could have been mentioned. I especially like the organization skills you have. I need to work on this issue myself so when I see a nicely organized and concise post I am reminded of that. I hope I helped you to create stronger blogs in the future, you have definitely helped me. Thank you.

  2. Very good blog post :) be sure add pictures to each post and use the ALT and title modifiers. Also, always add in the links to the articles or videos you are referring to!