Wednesday, September 24, 2014

C4KSummary for September

My student is Iron, a 7 year old girl whom is a student at Pt England School in Auckland, NZ. She is in Class 2 and her teacher is Mrs Lagitupu. She loves learning with her netbook, she says it makes learning fun. She is interested in sports. And, her favorite subject in school is Math.
The first post that I commented on of hers let me know about her choreographed dance that she put together with other classmates to Nicki Minaj's song, Super Bass. She seems like a very lively girl and is very interested in music.

Nicki Minaj

My second student was Monae.
Her most recent most was on bullying. She hates bullying. She thinks some students think she is a bully, but she says she is not! I commented on her post about bullying and told her I was so happy that she isn't a bully. I also explained to her to think of ways to get her classmates to jump on the band wagon to end bullying.

My third student was Tyler.
Tyler did not describe himself on his blog. His most recent post though, was about what change would he make to his school. He chose that he would change the food. In his opinion, it does not taste good. He believes the food portions should be larger for older students. His example was that their serving now, for all students, is 3-4 chicken nuggets, and Tyler believes it should be more like 6 chicken nuggets for older students. He also thinks that students should have more options of food to choose from. Instead of it being just chicken nuggets, have hot dogs and tacos as an option as well.
Chicken Nuggets

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