Saturday, September 13, 2014

Blog Post #4

What do we need to know about asking questions to be an effective teacher?

I did not think about how to ask a question as a teacher or even that it would make me a more effective teacher. Reading and watching the suggested videos shows a great example as to how and why. In the article, "The Right Way to ask Questions in the Classroom", Johnson explains how most teachers I had growing up asked, "Does everybody understand?". In my classes, even though students probably felt differently, we all just answered yes, and honestly I felt like I could not ask a question. The article also displays the roles of students. The smarter students always seemed to answer the "Does every one understand?" with a yes, giving the students who did not fully understand no time to ask. I want to use different strategies to help all of my students are involved in the lesson and the confidence that ALL of my students understand.

The article, "Ask Questions to Improve Learning" displayed several views and suggestions on how to improve learning by simply asking a question. As a teacher, the superiority, it's difficult to get caught up in that. In this article, it was suggested to not interrupt the student when they are answering a question. Give them time to answer, even if you think you know what they are going to say, or if you could finish their sentence. Letting the students have time to answer will build up their self esteem in a positive way.


  1. Hello Meagan :) be sure and read/watch all of the resources provided under the blog instructions for each week. This might help give you more to write about. Your post is great, it's just a little brief. Also, be sure to add links and pictures to ALL of your blog posts.

  2. Greetings Meagan, I also have had to deal with the age old question of "Does everyone understand?" even when I am completely lost in the lecture. I will try my hardest like you said to make sure my education skills are improved so that question will be irrelevant in the classroom. You should expand on this a little further, I believe you have more information to provide on this topic.