Sunday, November 2, 2014

Project #14

Lesson Plan #2 Group 1 W6
Lesson Name:  Daily experience as a native American
Category: Social Studies
Grade Level: 5                       Lesson Number: 1 of 1
Date: Nov. 2,  2014

Alabama Standard(s): Distinguish differences among major American Indian cultures in North America according to geographic region, natural resources, community organization, economy, and belief systems.
•  Locating on a map American Indian nations according to geographic region

Driving Question:

What can be learned about the lives of native Americans through interviews and research?

According to rubric in assessment.
Students should finish the project to a minimum 90% completion according to the rubric in the assessment.

An interview will be set up for the class as a whole with a specialist on Native Americans. This will be conducted through means of face-to-face video chat. During class time, the teacher will set up an interview via Skype that will be projected to where the whole class can see the specialist. The students will have the opportunity to have a Q and A session with him.
After this the students will be separated into groups to decide what Native American group they will be assigned to. For a class of 24 students, the class will be separated into 4 groups of 6. All these students will work on the same tribe for the remainder of the project and will work together for a later part. The students will get together to choose a tribe to study. This tribe should be different from the tribes that were the 6 mandatory tribes from the last project. Also, the groups will have to choose different tribes than other groups. This is decided by a first come first some basis. The groups that inform the teacher first of their tribe will get to do their project on that tribe.
From there, the students will conduct their own interviews with someone who can speak on behalf of their chosen tribe. An example of how to do this would to be to go to the tribe’s website and contact whomever is in charge of education as listed by the website. This person should be able to aid the student in finding an interview. This interview can be  conducted face-to-face, over something such as Skype, or even over email and needs to be a minimum of 5 questions. The students will create their own questions for the interview. The students will have to have their questions approved before the interview. Once the student has conducted the interview, their questions and a summary of the answers will be put online on the student’s blog. Also in this blog the students will have an “In the day of a life of ….” post. This might require some extra research. This part of the project will be done on an individual basis.
From there the students will work collaboratively for the rest of the project. The students will get together to work on a presentation. This will be presented to the class and to other classes through participation in a school culture week that the class could help organize in another project.  The students will create a single presentation as a group based of their individual research. Also the students will have to artistically (using visual arts) create things important to that culture. An example of that would be a shoe that is original to that tribe could be created for this part of the project. Each group will have to create 3 different cultural pieces.
At the end of the project the students will be required to create their own rubrics. With these rubrics the students will grade themselves individually, the members of the group, and the group as a whole cohesive team. This is for self-evaluation purposes. If the student finds it necessary, he may make 2 separate rubrics for self evaluation or group. The final grade will be decided by the teacher rubric.

Materials/ Equipment:

Computer, internet access, a blog, visual art supplies (will vary from group to group).


Classtime will be given to work on this project, whatever is not finished will be done for     homework.


10 points
7 points
5 points
2 points
0 points
5 questions and did interview and summary
3 or 4 questions did interview and summary
1 or 2 questions did interview and summary
Questions no interview
No questions no interview
Blog Post
Blog post completed (3 sections) and proper grammar
Blog post completed (3 sections) with obvious grammar mistakes
Blog post incomplete (less than 3 sections) and proper grammar
Blog post incomplete (less than 3 sections) and obvious grammar mistakes
No post
Presentation created and delivered
Presentation created and delivered at less than par standard
Presentation created but delivery was uninformed (read from project)
Presentation was incomplete
No presentation prepared
Visual Arts Creation
3 artistic creations with visible effort
3 artistic creations with obvious lack of effort
2 artistic creations
1 artist creation
No creations
Made rubric and did the evaluations
Made rubric did 4 of 7 evaluations
Made rubric and 1-3 evaluations
Made rubric no evaluations
No rubric no evaluations

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