Friday, November 7, 2014

C4T #3 Summary

Mr. Bennett is a teacher focused on digital learning. He had published three books, and is furthering his education in a Masters program. Mr. Brian Bennett researched reflexes and the brain and spinal cords ability to pull back off a hot surface. He then went into how he found a topic to research. He explained that, as teachers, we often let our content knowledge get to us instead of searching our context knowledge. And, with that we often teach in a way where we're just explaining ourselves, instead of exploring our thoughts.

Mr. Bennett also posted on his blog about creativity and letting our minds discover it. No matter our different genes, or backgrounds, we are all capable of tuning in to our creativity. He explains that it takes practice to incorporate your creativeness in your work, and in your teaching. He goes on to explain that all his work might not be as creative as possible, but at the same time, his work is building the foundation for his students to explore in their creative side.

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