Sunday, November 16, 2014

Blog Post #13

Why is EDM 310 so important and/or necessary for myself as an education major?

Now that the end of the semester is near, I would like everyone to take some time and reflect on their time spent in EDM 310. Also, how the technological tools you have learned about are going to be helpful to you in your career.

I have heard the rumors about EDM 310 and how it can seem "useless" or just be a lot of nonsense stuff that you're never going to use, but I believe this is wrong. EDM 310 has opened my eyes on just how important and useful technology is in someone's education. The newness jitters definitely got to me at first, but once I saw the light, my mind was in awe. First off, to be technology illiterate is a very popular trait. Newcomers to technology feel overwhelmed, stressed, and just want to give up, but once you get the hang of things, all seems quite easy. So, in that state, I believe in starting the use of technology in elementary schools, heck might as well start at preschool! A child's mind is quite susceptible to learning new things and catching on quick. EDM 310 has taught me so much about technology and the different tools offered in schools to start teaching young children.

EDM 310 is very important tool also in that Dr. Strange teaches the concepts of no "burp back" education. This concept summed up basically to instead of continuing on with the method of teaching for memorization to test, teach with Project Based Learning (PBL) method. Project Based Learning is a concept where, you as the teacher, come up with a realization to everyday life that might relate to the certain subject topic you're teaching, and give the students an opportunity to be involved with one another on a project and research. Instead of testing, we can assess the students' projects and research to see just how much they might have learned about that certain topic.


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  1. I like the idea of doing a reflection for one of our blog posts; however, I do think that we already have a reflection as an assignment in a few weeks. Good idea and post though!