Sunday, November 23, 2014

C4K Summary November

My first student this month was Sino. Sino is from South Africa. Her class was learning about poems. They were instructed to come up with their own simile and metaphor. Her simile was about the moon. She used how the moon shines bright at night. Her metaphor was about a horse.

My second student was Katelyn. She loves volleyball and softball! Her latest blog post was on her classroom's print making project. In this project, they carve a picture in the aluminum, then transfer that picture on the paper. Katelyn chose to draw a volleyball, of coarse!

My third student was Brynn. Brynn talked about their quarters at school being over and beginning a new one. She goes on to explain that her vollyball team was a great team and experience for her. They almost won, but lost at the finals. Also, she enjoys her art class. She says it is a way for each student to express themselves in the way they feel best. The book fair was also coming to her school. Of coarse she was excited for that as well. In Brynn's blog, she uses some vocabulary words that she highlights in bold font.

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