Sunday, November 2, 2014

Blog Post #11

What can we learn about teaching and learning from these teachers?

Back to the Future
I loved how he had his students make a blog post of what they learned through the projects. I feel that it was a great way to incorporate technology in the lesson. It's also just a new outlook on writing summary paragraphs. I, as a student, love the new technological outlook on my work in my schooling. It's a "new" but up and coming way to do school work. When he involved the student into his classroom even though she could not actually attend was a great and how he showed other students attending in the classroom. I'm positive that his involvement and care about her being a part of the classroom impacted her and other students greatly.

Blended Learning Cycle Blends online and classroom learning and combines it with the learning cycle (engage, explore, explain, expand, and evaluate).
6 Parts to his Blended Learning Cycle
1: Start with a question
2: Get the students to investigate and experiment
3: Show a video to students
4: Elaborate -suggested reading
5: Review -make sure students understand concepts
6: Summary -the way he does this is with a quiz

Super Digital Citizen I feel that the way he asked a question and then had the students talk among themselves about their different views before he put his input in is a great teaching strategy, and it also helps students relate and come together. Incorporating the comic books was a great way for the students to get creative while practicing their writing. It also had a great point behind the project about cyber safety.

Project Based Learning In the video, teachers show the beneficial factors of combining 2 or 3 curriculums into one lesson with technology. It gives the students a deeper understanding of standards they are suppose to be learning.


  1. Hey, Meagan great post. It is exciting how much technology is making teaching fun again. I thought the group projects in back to the future is really exciting. The collaboration really help every one learn in a good learning environment. Project based learning is such a great tool. I did not see any grammatical errors.