Sunday, October 12, 2014

Implications and Teaching Opportunities for Camera Use in Teaching and Learning

Part A:
We, as teachers in education, can implicate smartphones into our classroom in many various ways. First, we have to know if all of our students know who to work a smartphone. Now a days, we all assume that everyone owns and/or knows how to work a smartphone. Involving smartphones in our lessons with school, if everyone know how to use them, I believe we could all benefit. Our students' education will only boom and they will be even more technologically advanced.

As teachers, it would also help if our student's parents own a smartphone. We can send emails, and more than likely respond to them a lot quicker. We can setup an application with all of the school's events, lunch menus, and even alerts. It could be used also for parents to easily see their child's progress in the classroom. We could also include frequently asked questions to the class blog so that parents can be knowledgeable of up to date questions and answers in the classroom.

Part B:
We can include them in our Math, by using the calculator. We can use a smartphone in reading by using the voice recorder, so that our students can hear themselves reading and catch their own mistakes. Also, in Science, we can take the camera from our smartphones outside and explore nature and different Science topics and capture pictures for examples. In History, we can use smartphones' internet, to research dates, pictures of wars from long ago, and today's news and events.


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