Sunday, October 26, 2014

C4K Summary October

Monae was my first student this month. I have written on Monae's blog posts before.
Monae was very bored. I commented on her post and told her at times it can get a little boring and she may become distracted. But, I also suggested that when she gets bored, find something that interests her, research it, and write a blog post about it! Instead of posting a post that says "I'm bored...", research something important to her and keep it interesting.


I had my next student twice. In each of her blog posts, she went over baking cookies. She explained in one of her posts how to make an edible fish bowl out of cookies shaped as fish and rock candy for the "rocks" at the bottom of the fishbowl. She also explained how to bake simple chocolate chip cookies. I would say she enjoys baking and loves cookies! She did a great job with the creativity of this project blog post and I commented her on that and told her to continue exploring her creativity.


My last student's name is Cyrus. His most recent blog post was on explanation writing. He explained, in detail, on steps to avoid skin cancer. He explained that wearing sunscreen and a hat would protect you from the sun. He also used sunglasses as an example to avoid the sun and its cancerous rays.

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