Sunday, October 5, 2014

Blog Post #7

How to make an audio Qr code:
Record MP3 website is a perfect way for students to get involved with their education using technology. The teacher's observation if the students record themselves reading the story, they're more likely to listen to that book many times, just because it's their voice is a display in the theory of project based learning.
QR Code Generator
The QR Code Monkey website is a perfect and easy step in making a qr code! It seems like a very simple step for students. You can download a free application on any smart phone to scan the QR code, so this would be a different, yet convenient tool for parents to be involved in their child's progress and see how they are learning so much new things with technology.

iPads In Reading Centers:
Having the iPads at the students reading stations is a perfect way to use technology in the classroom. Again, another example of project based learning, in that the students are able to listen to themselves after they read and check for any errors they might have had. Kindergarten students are doing this, it amazes me!

Poplet is a free application that you can download on your iPad. It is a great tool and is very useful in the reading center. As in Ms. Tuck's video (Poplet), the students are able to do make a web graph of their book and upload pictures to describe what the main focus is. I also believe this application would be a good tool in Science or Social Studies as well!


  1. I thought your post was informative, but you forgot a picture. I tried Poplet and it is fun and interesting. Poplet and IPads would be great to use in the classroom. When I become a teacher I would like to use an iPad to help students to read.

  2. You need to make sure you complete the entire blog post assignment. You are missing several portions of this assignment.

    Also you need to add a picture.