Sunday, August 24, 2014

Blog Post #1 What about EDM310?

1. What are the things (if any) you have heard about EDM310? I have heard that is a difficult class, but from what I can see, looks like if you allow yourself nine hours a week and learn to be an independent learner, you will do great!

2. What fears (if any) do you have about EDM310? No fears.

3. Compare and contrast EDM310 with other courses you have taken in college or high school. EDM310 is a project based class. No burp back education, no memorization. Projects! High school classes I had were fully burp back classes, which now being in college, I have realized that it did more harm than good towards bettering my education.

4. What do you think will be the most difficult thing for you in EDM310? Learning new things about blogs and/ or projects, and keeping on track with assignments.

5. What is the best way for you to address this “most difficult” aspect of EDM310? Ask for help. Keep up with the class blog and use the checklist to keep up with due assignments.

6. What questions do you still have about EDM310? What ideas do you have about how to address those questions? There are still the lingering questions, How hard is this class going to get? Will I know how to do an assignment? Will I be able to learn something new with technology? My ideas on addressing those questions, would be the syllabus, plan ahead, and use the checklist.


  1. Meagan,

    The fact that you have no fears in this class and that you are in my group puts me at ease, since I have many fears about this class. It is great that you are so confident in EMD310. I also agree with you about comparing EDM310 with high school, and how it did nothing for my education to do burp back classes. This semester will be exciting to actually learn and do many projects that will help us to become teachers.

    Sarah Byrd

  2. Hey Meagan,
    I wish I had the courage like you not to have any fears in the classroom about this course, now I know to go to if I have any questions and concerns about the course =). I also agree with you about if we have any difficult questions and concerns about this course we should reach out for help to get better results. As you stated before if we allow ourselves 9 hours out the week to review over the material we will get a a better understanding and knowledge that we will need to gain about the course. I hope we will be able to work with each other through out the course so we may all become better future teachers.

  3. And ask questions.

    Well done.

    Welcome to EDM310!